Farmer Wants a Wife 2023: Are Emily and David Still Together?

It is not only the duty of 1 person to maintain the relationship. It works with both sides but sometimes the negligence or ignoring behaviour of a person can ruin their beautiful relationship. That is why it is necessary to give time, space, trust, and love in a relationship if the couple actually wants to work it. However, it is not necessary that thing that is shining from afar is actually gold sometimes we don’t aware with the fact that what is actually happening with the couple. We often hear break-up and divorce news in the entertainment industry.

Emily and David

Are Emily and David Still Together?

Have you ever think why most couple which looks perfect together gets a tragic end? There are many former couples in the entertainment industry whose love story has a tragic end and that is why the fans of the celebrity couples are constantly looking to know the status of their relationship as they don’t want them to get separated. That is why they always want to know more about it. This time as well, there are many fans who want to know Are Emily and David still together? Well, this couple is part of the popular reality show “Farmer Wants A Wife” and at present the 1st season of the show is running.

Emily and David

Now those who are watching this season are keen to know what is the status of the couple before talking about it. Let’s get some details about the show. Well, this series follows 4 hard-working farmers in search of real, true, and lasting love. As per the format of the show, each farmer hosts a group of single women who came in search of true love and leave behind the convenience and comfort of city life for the challenges and charms of country living. This show is working very well in terms of TRP and getting good reviews and love from the side of the audience. The 1st season of FWAW has officially wrapped up, and all of the farmers have finally got the perfect match that they were looking for at the beginning of the show.

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David and Emily
David and Emily

In the 2023 season of the show, both the ladies and the farmers step out of their comfort zones and faced new challenges in order to find true love. This show is one of the most successful dating shows in Australia and people watched many beautiful love stories. The three couples in the show are:-

  • Farmer Brad and Clare: This couple is considered one of the most famous couples on the show. Their love story really impress the audience and the couple is still together.
  • Farmer Matt and Olivia: This is the youngest couple on the show and people showered their immense love on it. Now the couple is living together and quite happy with their decision.

But there are many people who want to know about David and Emily. This was the most beloved couple in the show and luckily but are still together. Emily has relocated to the farm of David and currently working at a local primary school.

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