Lewis Buchan controversy allegations explained

Lewis Buchan is presently targeted by the audience ever since his controversy caught the heat. Netizens are getting curious to know about the controversy which brought him into the news. Those people who know the controversy is presently making fun of him and those who don’t know the matter are keen to have the details. According to multiple reports, a video of Lewis went viral on social media and people are deliberately sharing it with each other which makes it the most trending topic on social media. Through this article, we are trying to share the details which are obtained from our sources.

Lewis Buchan

Lewis Buchan Controversy, Allegations Explained

Lewis Buchan is also a famous Youtuber and Internet personality so it is obvious for people to show their interest in his viral video. It is one of the easiest ways to become viral overnight and accumulate a lot of followers which apparently helps them to boost their fan following. However, Lewis is quite popular on Youtube and has over 200 thousand followers on his Youtube channel under the user name @LewisBuchan. His content is purely based on reactions and people love to watch his content. In further addition to this, he is also famous on Instagram and people are showering their love on that platform as well.

Those who are thinking to join him on Instagram can find his account which goes by the username @lewisbuchan. He is famous for his humor and sarcastic comments. In further addition to this, the Internet personality has won the hearts of millions and due to his increasing fan following people are keen to know about his personal life. However, this time he is making the headlines of the news due to the controversy created by his video. Being a Youtuber, his prime job is to post videos on Youtube and it is not new for him to get viral due to his video but this time the content of the video is quite controversial in the eye of people.

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In the viral video, he was exposed for grooming a minor. According to the video shared on social media, it comes up that he was well aware that the girl was a teen and that his actions could cost him his freedom. Though in spite of being aware of his actions, he became more engaged in the conversation with the girl. The Youtuber has not given any statement related to the controversy over grooming a 15-year-old girl. Furthermore, the teen explained how she was not aware of being groomed by an older social media star until now.

Lewis Buchan

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