Daniel Andrews Press Conference: Victorian Premier slams anti-vaxxer

It has been three years now but Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is still making his government inform that he is absolutely pro-vaccine. Recently, Daniel Andrews clashed with anti-vaxxers during a march at Midsumma. Since he clashed with anti-vaxxers he is in the news headlines. This time, Daniel Andrews clashed in a heated environment with a heckler at Midsumma Pride March. According to the reports, a hackler was trying to hijack Daniel Andrews’s press conference last weekend but Daniel Andrews brutally shut down the anti-vaxxer. Meanwhile, he became the topic of the town. Kindly drag down the page and must go through the following section to learn this matter in detail. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Daniel Andrews Press Conference

Daniel Andrews Press Conference

On Sunday, Daniel Andrews was addressing the media at Midsumma Pride in St Kilda, Melbourne when a man tried to interrupt him. The Victorian Premier was first asked about dropping the vaccine mandates for workers in the healthcare sector and police by a non-accredited journalist. The 90-second ordeal focused on Covid vaccine mandates for some essential workers before the aggravated man labeled Mr. Andrews a “fraud”.

Apparently, the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was trying hard to avoid eye contact with the anti-vaxxer while saying vaccine mandates remained in action for some first responders at a national level. Later that man tried to talk about the volunteer organizations where vaccine mandates are no longer in action such as Country Fire Association (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES), and Life Saving Victoria. The Victorian Premier said, “Vaccines are now a feature of employment law, not mandates under the public health and wellbeing act, but there are some nationally consistent approaches for those who work in sensitive settings, for instance, aged care workers and hospital workers,”

Andrews further added I’m neither here to apologize for saving lives, no I won’t, so you’ve got that right, we can agree on that. Well, I’m not sure that you’re an accredited journalist at a press conference, so happy pride to you, all the very best. But the Victorian Premier Andrews burst when he said, “Let me make one thing very clear to you, vaccines work. I am absolutely, absolutely pro-vaccine,” Later the matter became heated and Andrews clashed with the man who was interrupting him during the media conference over the weekend. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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