Missing: Is Tiffany Foster Found Yet? Newnan Update 2023

Those people who always look to help other people get a chance to help a family. A person is get missing whose family and police are getting worried for her safety. The missing person is identified as Tiffany Foster. She is the mother who hails from Newnan, Georgia who has been missing for 2 years since her disappearance in the month of March 2021. Katrina Hill, the mother of Foster expresses the indescribable sadness and constant tears, particularly at the time of the holidays when Foster used to make her special boxes filled with her favorite candies.

Tiffany Foster

Is Tiffany Foster Found Yet?

The family of Tiffany Foster is quite worried about her and wants her to come back to the house. Hill shares the devastating impact of the space in her heart since the vanishing of Foster as she wonders about her locations and what might have occurred. Foster was last spotted leaving her apartment to go to the store, but she never came back home, missed her class, and was also not able to catch the flight. Her car was eventually discovered 30 miles away from her residence. According to the reports, the 35-year-old went missing on 1st March 2021 in Newnan, Georgia.

Tiffany Foster

She was last spotted leaving her apartment to run errands and never came back home. She was working as a security guard at Hello Fresh and was studying criminal justice at Georgia Military College. She wants to work in law enforcement. Reginald Robertson, the fiance of Tiffany reported missing when she failed to come for classes as well as for work. During the investigation, the car of Tiffany was later found abandoned in College Park, about 30 miles from her residence. In the car, police find her personal belongings but they failed to find her cell phone.

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Tiffany Foster

The police are also not able to track her phone. However, the probe disclosed that the phone of Tiffany was last active in the location north of Amlajack Boulevard in White Oak, Georgia. The police also made an arrest after the missing Tiffany. The police detained Reginald Robertson and kidnapping and aggravated assaults charges were made against him. He is presently held without bond in the Coweta County Jail. In spite of efforts of the location of Tiffany Foster, police have yet not been able to find her. Police are suspecting foul play in her missing. Her family continues to endure the emotional toll and praying for her safety. Apart from it, a reward of $35,000 is offered for information directing to the prosecution of the individual responsible for the missing Tiffany, and $60,000 reward is available for any details that can direct them to her safe comeback.

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