Jtf2 Sniper Video circulated Canadian military investigates unauthorized footage

A controversy has evolved on the internet after a former military officer of Canada was featured on a podcast show. The matter went viral when the Canadian military discussed Alexander’s tenure with JTF2 and his execution of an IS soldier. This incident dates back to 2017. Meanwhile, the US Podcast host has been asked to take down the interview with a former Canadian commando. However, this matter has captivated the attention of the netizen on the internet. Now they are eagerly searching for the JTF2 Sniper video. If you are also curious to learn about this controversy then stick with this page and go through the following sections. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Jtf2 Sniper Video

Jtf2 Sniper Video

The Canadian military ordered the US podcast presenter to take down the interview with a former commando and classified video of a sniper shot in Iraq (JTF2 Sniper Video). Who was the former commando of the Canadian military featured on the US podcast? Reportedly, Dallas Alexander was the former commando featured on the podcast. Alexander is a former sniper with the Ottawa JTF2 team. Recently, he appeared in Shawn Ryan’s podcast show.

Shawn Ryan and Dallas Alexander talked about Dallas’s tenure with the JTF2 team and his execution of an IS soldier in 2017. Nevertheless, they also discussed a top-secret JTF2 video showing Alexander’s execution. Now the US podcaster Shawn Ryan has been asked to take down the video of the internet. Do you want to see how Shawn Ryan reacted to this? Recently, the US podcaster Shawn Ryan took to his Twitter and wrote, “This is typical media today. How can people not see how biased this article is? The Canadian SOF unit was the only one who offered a statement, neither Dallas nor myself was contacted in any way, shape, or form.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

While Judy Trinh said on social media, “Canadian military investigates unauthorized JTF2 sniper video release. The former soldier involved left the military because of vaccine mandates. Good scoop from David” Ryan has taken down the video but the video already had been watched by thousands of people who downloaded it as well. Now the JTF2 Sniper Video is making huge rounds on the internet and going viral everywhere. Netizens can see JTF2 Sniper Video swiveling on Twitter and Reddit. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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