Why did Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza get Arrested?

This is to inform you that Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza who is also a renowned cleric on social media, has been accused of blasphemy in his country. But why? In addition, it is also speculated whether the social media cleric Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza was arrested or not. As an FIR has been lodged against Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza, questions have evolved in people’s minds if he is under custody or still free. Certainly, numerous questions are swiveling among people’s minds after coming across this news. But we have come up with this column to answer each and every imperative question related to this headline. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Take a look at the following section and go through it till the end. Scroll down.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Arrested

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Arrested

Let’s first talk about the allegations levied on Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. According to the reports, a case of blasphemy has been filed against Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza under section 295C. He is accused of blasphemy in his hometown. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza hails from Jehlum. Reportedly, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is accused of ridiculing Prophet Muhammad and downplaying the non-Muslim status. Scroll down the page and read it in more detail.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza gives lectures online as he is a 19th Grade Mechanical Engineer in a department of the government. He talks about issues related to different religions and he runs a research academy as well. He imparts religious education in his research academy on his own understanding of the Sunnat and the Quran. Meanwhile, critics say Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza uses derogatory terms and words for Islamic Saints and Prophet Muhammad by presenting out-of-context videos to his lecturers. Scroll down the page and read more about Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza.

Recently, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza allegedly opined that Ahmadis are better than Christians and Jews in today’s time. In addition, he also referred to them as Non-Muslims thus he is accused of showing video clips out of context in his lectures. He also had a history of arrests, previously Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza was arrested on May 4, 2020, on suspicion of spreading hate speech. As a result of it, religious cleric Pir Afzal Qadri announced Rs 500,000 for killing Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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