Fact check: Is Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie? HSMTMTS Co-stars Romance Rumor

Joshua Bassett and Sofia Wylie have been the subject of romance rumours. Their chemistry is adding fuel to the inferno. The rumours are true? Learn more by reading the article. Joshua Bassett, the student from the well-known series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, is a teenager. The 22-year-old singer and actor first gained notoriety as a Disney star, appearing on hit episodes like “Grey’s Anatomy” and Stuck in the Middle, among others. Because his father was a musician and his sisters were theatre lovers, Bassett had an advantage in acquiring music from a young age.

Joshua Bassett

Is Joshua Bassett Dating Sofia Wylie?

Joshua Bassett has pursued a variety of careers and won over a large following. But gossip and conjecture often circulate among supporters. Many of Joshua Bassett’s fan communities have brought up the subject of his romantic life. Joshua has a large following because of the attractive women he has acted alongside throughout his career. More notably, Sofia Wylie, his HSMTMTS co-star, and Joshua are frequently mentioned together. The ‘Joshua Bassett dating Sofia Wylie’ rumour thus began and spread quickly throughout the community. After Joshua shared a photo of Sofia on Instagram, the rumour got started. The celebrities categorically refuted the rumours, insisting that they were only pals.

Joshua Bassett

Because of their contracts with Disney, it has been rumoured by fans that they said such. Furthermore, a “rumoured” Disney pair has previously refuted those dating rumours. Disney, a firm that specialises in providing entertainment for children, frequently binds its celebrities to contracts that forbid doing particular things. Recently, Joshua and Sofia were spotted in an IMDb interview for the promotion of their ‘High School Musical production. Their synergy made their fans unable to help but fall in love. While some fans want the reports of Joshua Bassett and Sofia Wylie dating to be real, others believe it would cause them to rethink their minds about both actors.

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Joshua Bassett

Joshua’s connection with his other High School Musical co-star Olivia Rodrigo has been made public. Joshua and Olivia dated for nearly three years. They would go on tours together, write songs for one another, and appear in front of well-known eateries. When Olivia disclosed her breakup with Joshua in a 2020 interview, many of their fans were devastated. She said Joshua had an extramarital affair with Sabrina Carpenter, another well-known singer. After Olivia disclosed their breakup, Sabrina and Joshua were photographed together on the “Black Lives Matter” march. This was the final straw.

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