Who are Banita Sandhu’s Parents? Meet AP Dhillon’s Rumored Girlfriend Mother and Father

Model and actress Banita Sandhu has been the topic of the town since she appeared in Punjabi music sensation AP Dhillon’s newly released music video. After the release of AP Dhillon’s song, stories are evolving on the internet that Punjabi music sensation and Banita Sandhu are dating each other. The chemistry between the two in the new music video is worth considering. Therefore, netizens have been thrown into a frenzy to know if AP Dhillon is dating well-known actress Banita Sandhu. Therefore, we have come up with this column and poured in all the imperative details about Banita Sandhu. In the following sections, you will read who is Banita Sandhu’s parents and what is her family background. Scroll down the page for more details.

Banita Sandhu

Who are Banita Sandhu’s Parents?

Banita Sandhu is best known for her work in movies and television series. Banita Sandhu surged to fame when she appeared in Varun Dhawan’s October movie in 2018. Later, she appeared in CW series titled Pandora. Banita Sandhu also has worked in Tamil Film Industry. She worked in Adithya Varma. She is a Welsh actress who gained people’s recognition for her acting and representing talent agencies like IMG Talent and Waring Mckenna. Continue reading this article and learn more about AP Dhillon’s rumored girlfriend.

As mentioned, she is a Welsh actress, she hails from Caerleon, Newport, Wales, UK, where her parents grew her with their cultural values. Banita Sandhu is of Indian descent and she comes from a Sikh family. Her family has a culturally rich background. Despite she grew up in a foreign country, Banita Sandhu’s upbringing has been a delicate balance between modern British society and the traditions of her heritage society. Reports have claimed that she aspired to become an actor since her childhood. Shift to the next section and read about her family.

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Banita Sandhu’s sister is Devina Sandhu. The sisters share a special bond with each other. Devina gave unwavering support and encouragement to Banita Sandhu in pursuing her career in acting. Despite being a renowned model and actress, Banita Sandhu’s parents have kept a low profile. Talking about the rumors that are pulling the October actress into the limelight, it is still unconfirmed if AP Dhillon is dating Banita Sandhu. Neither Dhillon nor Sandhu has responded to their relationship rumors. But fans continue to spread it more on social media. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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