John Farnham illness and Health update 2023: does John Farnham have cancer?

Recently, the family of John Farnham give an emotional update on John Farnham’s health. Not to mention, the star was diagnosed with cancer. He fought a long battle with cancer. But recently, the Farnham family gave an update that the star is cancer free. Yes, you heard it right, the family revealed the news. Last year, the Australian singer was diagnosed with throat cancer. Since then, the singer had been battling the illness. In addition, he also underwent surgery to remove a mouth tumor. Fans thought the beloved singer would sing again. But he showed his courage and became free of cancer. John Farnham’s son confirmed the health update. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article to know more about John Farnham health update. Take a look below.

John Farnham

John Farnham illness and Health update 2023

On Monday, July 24, 2023, John Farnham’s son Robert Farnham gave an update on his father’s health. Robert Farnham appeared on the Seven Network. However, Gaynor Wheatley was also with him on the Seven Network. Gaynor is a family friend of Robert Farnham. They were on Seven Network to promote the new documentary titled “John Farnham: Finding The Voice” While discussing the premiere of John Farnham: Finding The Voice, Robert Farnham said John Farnham is cancer free and “doing really, really good,” Swipe down the page and know more John Farnham’s health.

Robert Farnham said, “He’s doing really good, he’s super positive,” and when he revealed that his father is yet to view his biopic, he said he does not even read reviews about himself. He added, “He’s not one to watch himself on TV or even read reviews – he‘s just it’s just not like that. But we’ll make him watch it. He’s doing really good, he’s super positive. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing, and it’s his time to walk that road but he’s cancer free and he’s doing really, really good” Shift to the next section and know about John Farnham’s illness.

Then 73 years old, John Farnham was diagnosed with throat cancer in August 2022. He was admitted to a hospital earlier this year when an infection developed in his chest after surgery to get rid of a cancerous tumor that doctors found in his mouth. As per the sources, it was a 12-hour-long surgery when doctors removed a tumor from his mouth. The part of his jaw was also removed but later reconstructed through surgery. Stay tuned.

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