Does Jeremy Finlayson’s Wife Kellie Have lung cancer? illness Explained

It is always sad to see you’re loved one in pain. Nobody wants to see their loved ones in pain and for that, they do all possible things but still feel helpless. One such husband is currently worried for his wife and sent an emotional message to her during a post-game interview. After hearing his emotional message his fans feel sorry for him and send their prayers and well wishes to her. Everyone on social media is only talking about her and wants to know what happened to her. If you also want to know the same then you need to read this blog till the end.

Jeremy Finlayson Wife

Does Jeremy Finlayson’s Wife Kellie Have lung cancer?

As per the reports, Jeremy Finlayson who is the top player of Port Adelaide was overcome with emotion after his match-triumphing efforts on Saturday night, 8th April 2023. He paid an emotional tribute to his terminally ill wife named Kellie while giving an interview on the field just seconds after the last siren. He got quite emotional while talking about his wife. He got quite emotional while talking about his wife and his voice started cracking and it was easy to watch that he fought tears. He told the reporter that “I hope she is watching.

Jeremy Finlayson Wife

I really love her so much and can’t live without her. This is just a reward for sticking tough. Just doing it for Soph and Kel back home. I am just happy to play here and do the thing which I really love to do.” According to the reports, the couple got wedded in a private ceremony last month. They had initially planned their wedding in the month of October but brought the biggest day of their life after disclosing the cancer of Gardner. While the doctors have stated that the 4th lung stage of Finlayson is terminal, the duo have continued to battle with the disease.

Jeremy Finlayson Wife

The report states that Kellie Finlayson whose other name is Gardner was diagnosed with the lethal disease just months after completing her treatment for bowel cancer, which had come up briefly after the birth of their 1st child named Sophia in the month of August 2021. They could have commemorated at the end of the footy season after the year of chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation. They had watched believing the deceased had been removed. While undergoing treatment, she has been sharing her cancer voyage in an effort to educate others people so that they identify the disease at the initial stage and take the treatment on time. She penned on her social media account that reads, “In line with this week’s theme of “lucky girl syndrome” my tumor markers are tracking below the suspicion levels…”

Jeremy Finlayson Wife Jeremy Finlayson Wife Jeremy Finlayson Wife

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