Is Bryan Slaton Arrested? What Did Texas State Representative Do?

The arrest news of famous personalities is quite common to hear but every time it pulls a lot of attention. This time as well the arrest news of Bryan Slaton is in the news and people are looking to know is it true and if it is then what crime he has committed and where is he now. All these questions are currently in the mind of everyone and looking to know the answers to them. Bryan Slaton is a well-known name in the political world and this is another factor that brought this news into the limelight. He is the Republican state representative based in Texas, serving his 1st term in the Texas House Of Representatives since the year 2021.

Bryan Slaton Arrested

Is Bryan Slaton Arrested?

Slaton represents District 2, which includes Van Zandt, Hunt, and Hopkins counties as well as parts of Rains and Kaufman counties. He is famous for his conservative political views and has been a vocal supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, limited government, and pro-life policies. Now he is in the news due to his arrest and people are keen to know whether it is true or not. As of now, there has not been any such news that asserts that he is behind the bars. The rumors of his arrest have been started after he was absent from the budget debate but no official news website has covered this news.

Bryan Slaton Arrested

On Thursday, 6th April 2023, Republican state representative Bryan was notably absent from the debate based on budget. Bryan represents Royse City in North Texas and is popularly known to be one of the most active legislative trolls. Now it is confirmed that he is not arrested but the reason for his absence has yet to be asserted. Since news of his absence at the time of the budget debate became public, several individuals have wondered whether the lawmaker was detained. Our sources are trying to find more details about it but as of now, we are not confirming his arrest news.

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Bryan Slaton Arrested

People also want to know about his whereabouts and this is also not known at this moment. He is known as a legislative troll and has introduced around 27 amendments to House Bill 1. There is no confirmation of the reason for not appearing in the budget debate. Likewise, his whereabouts are also not known at this moment. Due to this, we can’t assert where he might have been or where he is now. Look like, he might just want to avoid public and media attention for the while, he has to disclose any details related to his present issues.

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