Gerald Irona Arrested: Former Deputy Governor of IMO State Arrest By Police

It is not necessary that only freak criminals are involved in crimes. Sometimes highly reputed officials also get involved in serious crimes and end up ruining their reputation. As per the latest report, the arrest news of ex-Deputy Governor of IMO State Gerald Irona came forward. Now his arrest news is pulling a lot of attention on social media and people are constantly talking about it. Many people are keen to know whether he is still in the prison or not. Gerald Irona is a notorious Nigerian politician who serves as a deputy governor of the Imo state. It is reported that he has been taking the role since the month of May 2019.

Gerald Irona Arrested

Is Former Deputy Governor of IMO State Gerald Irona in Jail?

In 2018, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) nominee for Imo State gubernatorial election, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, made a cunning and strategic decision by selecting Gerald Irona as his contesting mate for the year 2019 election of governorship. The former governor with his wonderful track record and his brilliant experience proved to be the most valuable asset to the campaign of Ihedioha, contributing importantly to their final at the polls. Presently, Irona has been coming into the limelight and people are constantly talking about it.

Gerald Irona Arrested

As per the latest reports, Security operatives have detained the former governor. It is reported that Gerald was arrested on Wednesday, 8th March 2023 from his Owerri residence at around 10:15 AM. As per the eyewitness, the security officers came to his residence and they were seen wearing black color attire. They entered his house and took the Nigerian politician and states his detain was happening due to the order from the court. The media consultant of Gerald, Destiny Ugori issued a statement in which he states that the detained was ordered by the government of Imo State. He also disclosed that the detained was a try to weaken the opposition party in the state.

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Gerald Irona Arrested

As of now, we are not aware that what charges were made against him but his media consultant accepted that he is being arrested until after the state house of assembly elections on Sunday, 11th March 2023. His followers are quite upset with this news and state that it is a conspiracy of the opposition party. After reading the statement of the consultant, we are believing the former Deputy Governor of the IMO state may be behind the bars, but the real information or statement on this is yet to release. Well, as of now, we have this many details but we are hoping that we will soon come with more information. Till then be connected with us.

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