Does Rapper Kano Have Brother And Sister: Where Are Kano’s Parents From?

Does rapper Kano have a sister? Many people on the browser are searching for her sister since the rumor of his sibling has started on the web. So first we should take a look at some personal details of the rapper. So Kano was born on 21st May 1985 in East Ham, London, England. His real name is Kane Brett Robinson. He is a well-known British rapper, songwriter, and actor. He is a 38-year-old man who is shaken the hip-hop sensation. He is a big contributor to grime music. He has expertise in British hip-hop, grime, and UK Garage. He was born and raised in Jamaican parents. He attended the Langod Secondary School. Before entering the world of hip-hop he used to play football. At a young age period, he played football for Chelsea, West Ham United Norwich City At that time he was just 13 years old.

Rapper Kano

Does Rapper Kano Have Brother

Kano has been active in the music industry since 2002. In 2005 he joined hands with 679 to be under their label then their contract got over in 2007. Then in 2008, Kano joined hands with the Bigger Picture and he is under that label till now. He is also under the Parlophone label since 2016. He has also done a lot of movies and television shows. He has been seen in four movies and one television series. Now scroll down to learn about Rapper Kano’s parents and siblings.

Rapper Kano

Many fans of Rapper Kano were interested in learning about his parents and siblings. Because of that some people on the web were spreading rumors that Rapper Kano has a sister. So according to the source, the reality is that Kano does not have any sister but he has a younger brother. Kano is an older brother to Lee Robinson. He has played the role of a support pillar in the life of his older sibling. He has mostly stayed out of the media lights as he doesn’t love to come in public. But Lee Robinson has been seen in many concert shows of his older brother where he has been seen cheering for him. He is active on Instagram. Lee is a married person and he is a parent. He is a dedicated father and husband. Keep reading.

Rapper Kano

According to the source, Rapper Kano does not have a real sister but he has a half sister. The name of his half-sister is not disclosed yet. Till now the identity of Kano’s parents has remained disclosed. He has never shared the details of his parents. But he was born into a Jamaican family.

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