Missing Indina Patrick Glinski: Who is that retired policeman?

A new missing case is here. A man named Indiana Patrick Glinski went missing on Saturday night. This is a very serious and highlighted case right now. It is a very strong case and all the people are worried for him because Indina Patrick Glinski was a retired Chicago police officer. He was last seen on Saturday night. Patrick was last seen near the railroad tracks in Hegewisch, IL, heading toward the northwest. The law enforcement is currently investigating this case. Police officers are currently searching for him near the northwest and they are also trying to fetch the CCTV footage near the scene. Check out the next paragraph to know more about this tragic missing case.

Indina Patrick Glinski Missing

Indina Patrick Glinski Missing

The family of Patrick is very stressed right now. They are requesting everyone to find Patrick and help them out. he was last seen on 15th July 2023, Saturday night near the railroad tracks which are heading northwest in Hegewisch, IL, at around 11:15 pm. At that time he was sharing a T-shirt, work boots, and shorts. Police are searching for small or big evidence near the railroad, but till now they have not got any clue or evidence. His family believes that maybe he has walked toward Wolf Lake or Powderhorn. And they are requesting the residents in the Hegewisch area to find him and also they are requesting them to check their CCTV camera footage so that they can get any clue regarding the missing case of Patrick.

Indina Patrick Glinski police officer

We request everyone to come forward and help the police officers and family of Patrick by finding him out. The hunt is still ongoing for retired Chicago Police Officer Patrick Glinski, who went missing late on Saturday night. Patrick’s whereabouts are still a mystery despite intensive attempts made by law enforcement officials, the Glinski family, and the neighborhood. Residents in the Hegewisch region are being urged by the family to review their surveillance footage for any sightings or clues. They stress that even the tiniest piece of information might be vital to finding him.

Following up on any new leads, the Chicago Police Department has been actively involved in the investigation. The public is urged by the family and the authorities to share pertinent information and refrain from spreading unfounded rumors. Volunteers and search teams are now searching adjacent locations like Wolf Lake and Powderhorn as part of the search that has spread beyond the immediate region. May he is safe where he is right now.

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