Who Is Donna Hansbrough? Fundraiser launched for Lowes employee fired after attempting to stop theft

Donna Hansbrough who was an employee at Lowe in Rincon, GA, reportedly has been fired from her job in a shocking turn of events. After hearing Donna Hansbrough’s story, people have been left completely stunned. You may also wonder after knowing that Donna Hansbrough was terminated from the company for bravely catching the customers who were shoplifting at the goods store. Yes, you read it right, Donna Hansbrough was removed from her post and terminated from the company because of getting involved in a robbery incident. Since this news broke out, it has been making headlines and trending on the internet. As per the sources, a GoFundMe page also has been organized to send financial help to Donna Hansbrough as she does not have any job to survive. Scroll down the page and read information about the incident.

Donna Hansbrough

Who Is Donna Hansbrough?

Donna Hansbrough is a 68 years old woman who was working at Lowe. She saw three people exiting the store without paying the bill. The three customers had loaded a cart with stolen goods. Therefore, Donna Hansbrough decided to stop them. But unfortunately, they hit Donna Hansbrough in the face when she went to intervene. This incident dates back to 25 June 2023. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Donna Hansbrough
Police are looking for the three individuals involved in the alleged shoplifting, (image via @EndWokeness/Twitter)

The three people were stealing items worth $2101. Out of a “knee-jerk reaction”, Ms. Donna grabbed the buggy when the shoplifters went by to try and stop them. Ms. Donna did not make contact with any person. One of the shoplifters struck Ms Donna in the face 3 times causing her eye to bruise, swell and blacken. However, the shoplifters managed to flee the store. But Lowe employee Donna was fired from the company for attempting to stop the theft. What reason did the company state while removing Donna from the job? Swipe down the page and read this.

As per the GoFundMe page organized by Dana, Donna Brosman, and Shepard, she was terminated from the job as her actions were a violation of the company’s policy. Ms. Donna grabbed the cart from the customers which was totally against the company’s policy. Therefore, she was fired from the job. A fundraiser has been created to directly help 68-year-old Ms. Donna with any bills while she tries to find a new job. The fundraiser reportedly has surpassed the target of $7000. This money will help her to survive during her unemployment days. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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