Incident In Clacton Today Waterglade: Live updates as police set up 200m no-go zone

We’re going to provide the most recent information on Clacton Waterglade in this article because people are searching for it online. The public is looking into the Clacton Waterglade shopping center after a serious event there. We will therefore provide information on the incident that happened there through this page. In addition, we will provide the most recent information on this subject since many people are looking for it online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.


Incident In Clacton Today Waterglade

Following a gas leak this morning, shoppers at a retail park in Clacton were forced to leave. At 11.11 am, reports of a gas leak were received at the Waterglade Retail Park on Old Road, where the incident took place. It has been verified that Essex County Fire & Rescue and Essex Police are on the site. A digger is said to have hit a gas line, which led to the gas leak. In order to manage the situation, a 200-meter cordon has been established, and the area has been evacuated. While repairs are being made, the general public is asked to stay away from the area.

When the park will reopen is unknown. According to a representative for Essex County Fire and Rescue, “Firefighters are currently on the scene of a gas leak in Old Road, Clacton after a gas main was accidentally struck by a digger.”There is a 200-meter cordon in place. This implies that until the gas main can be rendered safe, everyone inside the cordon will be requested to temporarily evacuate the area. While we and our partners strive to make the situation safe, kindly stay away from the area. The gas leak situation at Waterglade Retail Park has received updates from Essex County Fire & Rescue.

All inhabitants who haven’t been able to leave their homes within the 250-meter perimeter are urged to do so, or if they can’t, to keep their windows and doors closed. Partners and crews are still putting a lot of effort into making the region safe. Firefighters are continuing to work with partners to make the scene of a gas leak on Old Road safe, according to station manager Paul Nash. “All residents from the area of the gas leak have now been evacuated,” he said. Continue to stay away from the neighborhood, especially the Waterglade Retail Park and the theatre. Please abide by the local detours as the routes are likely to stay blocked. We appreciate your patience as we strive to secure the area.

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