How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 7136? Step-By-Step Guide

Amazon keeps on giving different offers to its customers. What is Amazon Prime Error Code 7136? People are facing this issue while using Amazon Prime. You will get complete details about the method by which you can fix Amazon Prime Code 7136. Keep reading for more details.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 7136?

The cause behind this error can be different for different users. Individuals face this error genuinely when they try to connect or stream any content on Amazon Prime. For any error you face in any system or application, the first step is always to check your internet connection.

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If you have a slow or unstable internet connection, you must shift to another one. You can resolve this problem by simply reconnecting your modem or restarting your router. If the issue still exists, just simply shift to another internet connection. There can also be server issues. This often stops the data to transfer correctly. The connectivity problem will solve with these two methods. The server can also be verified by checking the official website or through customer care.

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Let us have details about the methods of fixing Amazon Prime Error Code 7136.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 7136?

Amazon Prime Error Code 7136 can be resolved by following the below-mentioned ways.

Clear Cache:

It is important to clear all the browser cache and the app cache. The temporary files that may be the cause of the error will be removed.

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Update Amazon Prime App:

The next important step is to update. Without an update, an app will not be able to perform properly. This will also help in removing the error code 7136. Updates are important in every software.

Restart Router:

You can try starting the router by lugging it off and on again. Give some time between the plug-off and the plug-in. Then as you restart the router. Connect it with your device to check the error 7136.

Login On Another Device:

You can try logging in to another device. It will make it clear whether the issue is from Amazon Prime or in the device functionality.

Apply The Methods Shared By Other Community Members:

If the issue exists, you can try resting your fire tv box. You need to power cycle the router. This can be done by disconnecting the power cable from the router and the wall outlet.

Last but not least option is to connect the customer care. They will provide the best solution for all your problems. 

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