Coronation Street spoilers: Is Carla leaving Corrie and does she die?

Nobody wants to know the spoilers of their favorite series but deep down they always get excited to know what new will they going to watch. That is why they themselves look for the spoilers of the series. For those such fans, we are present here to share the spoilers of Coronation Street. In the last episode, we watched Carla Connor (role played by Alison King) has left Coronation Street after the actions of Stephen Reid once again put her life in big danger. Those who are actively watching the show know that Stephen has been drugging Carla over the past many weeks, he convinced her that if she thinks the condition of her mental health is deteriorating, she will leave her role at Underworld and then he will take his position.

Corrie Spoilers Carla

Is Carla leaving Corrie and does she die?

Now this week, we will that once again Stephen came close to having his secret come forward when businessman Rufus approached him and disclosed he knows all about him especially since he is giving drugs to Carla without her notice. While Peter (the role played by Chris Gascoyne) has been persuading his partner is not well, Carla has still remained suspicious, aware that the symptoms only will be in there for a brief short time and then she will be again back to normal.

Corrie Spoilers Carla

This mindset directs Carla to go back to work again on the time of Friday, 17th March 2023 installment of the ITV soap. Viewed by her co-workers as she made a cup of tea, Carla concluded up dropping a mug on the floor, wounding herself as she tried to clean up. Later on, in the flat, as Calra rested coming to another appointment at the doctor in the meantime Stephen had somehow managed to steal the keys to her apartment. He get inside her house and turned the grill on and walked out so finally, the grill caught on fire. Luckily, the comes up of Roy (role played by David Neilson) meant no one was severely wounded but the test terrified Carala as she accepted that her mental illness and psychosis were coming back.

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Corrie Spoilers Carla

She understands that she now required some aid so, with no other option, she goes to meet Weatherfield meanwhile Roy is concerned about her. On the other side, Stephen was drinking alone in the factory. He smiled and started looking at his new empire which he made on his own. He told himself that he had finally built it. That’s all for today, we will come back with more information till then be connected with us.

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