World Aids Day 2023: 12 Myths About HIV And AIDS

We all are aware of HIV and AIDS, these diseases are very unbearable. We will talk about World AIDS Day 2023. World AIDS Day is observed year on 1 December 1 to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. There are many myths, which are circulated on the web regarding HIV/AIDS. Those people are going through the same problem they should read the entire article for better information. Here we will share the 12 common myths about HIV and AIDS busted, Key facts, which is important to know. We will try to share all the details about the news. Let’s continue the article.

World Aids day 2023

World Aids Day 2023

According to the report, The virus is transmissible only through the exchange of bodily saps such as blood, breast milk, semen, or vaginal secretions from patients.

These points have been mentioned by the reputed doctor Dilip Gude, who is a Consultant Physician at Hyderabad’s Yashoda Hospitals.

  1. It is totally a myth that HIV is transmitted via cough, touch, and shaking hands. Nevertheless, regular touch or cough does not spread HIV, the virus can be transmitted if the skin has discharge or abrasions.

2. It is a myth that those diagnosed with HIV will lose their life in just a few months. Nevertheless, those people who are facing this problem can live for many years with the help of medicines for long-term viral subduing.

World Aids day

3. It is totally myth that the children born to HIV-positive women will be positive with HIV. Nevertheless, the chances of the risk of transmission of the virus to newborns can be brought down to less than 2%.

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4. Some people say this is a viral disease and antibiotic or antifungal medicines will be useless.

5. This is also the myth statement that there is no risk if two more HIV-positive patients get intimate. Unprotected intimation increases the cases of HIV.

6. It is wrong that asymptomatic persons with HIV do not have HIV. It takes so much time for HIV to obviously emblematic and can only be diagnosed through a test.

7. It is a myth that if you are consuming the medicine before getting intimate can prevent HIV transmission.

8. This is also a myth that sharing food, drink, and cooking utensils with an HIV-infected patient increases one’s risk of getting HIV.

9. It is also a myth that one need not worry about inhibitory aspects like safe s*x even after being diagnosed as HIV-negative but belonging to a high-risk group.

10. It is a myth that HIV can be transmitted through infected insects and pets.

11. Blood  transfusions raise the risk of HIV

12. It is a myth that the virus-infected person undergoing treatment can not create the virus.

We see discrimination as well in our society with the people who are facing HIV and AIDS. They have to face several problems in the society. Not, only in society, patients have to face problems in the family as well. Patients have to face difficulties in the body. Still, people see the patients with negative eyes. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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