Hannah Bahng Perfect Blues Lyrics: Watch Official Music Video

In this article, we are going to tell you about the meaning newest track “Perfect Blues.” This is the latest track which was released on 14th July 2023. This song is written by “Hannah Bahng.” Hannah Bahng is a talented younger sister of the famous K-pop star “Bang Chan” who is from stray kids. “Perfect Blues,” her debut song, not only brilliantly displays her musical prowess but also offers a fascinating window into her inner journey of self-discovery. Hannah, who is just 19 years old, is beginning to carve out a place for herself in the business by following in the footsteps of her elder brother.

Hannah Bahng Perfect blues

Hannah Bahng Perfect Blues Lyrics

The song “Perfect Blues,” which Hannah wrote and produced, marks a key turning point in her developing musical career. She referred to the song in an interview with Teen Vogue as her own “finding herself a moment.” Her earnest and reflective words in “Perfect Blues” delve into the deep depths of her personal experiences and the decisions she has made.

Hannah Bahng is upfront and honest about the challenges she faced while she thought about her future. She uses the song as a vehicle to express the emotional upheaval that impacted her decision-making. Listeners who may also be coping with similar doubts are able to relate to Hannah on a profoundly intimate level because of these familiar topics. Hannah’s path of self-discovery is poignantly depicted in “Perfect Blues.”

Hannah Bahng Perfect Blues Lyrics

She can use the lyrics as a potent tool to examine and reflect on her identity, goals, and the direction she wants to go. Hannah really encourages her listeners to go with her as she negotiates the difficulties of self-realization through her moving words.

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Hannah’s emotional state is portrayed in the song’s lines. Her desire for an ideal life is expressed in lines like “Playing the perfect blues,” “Feeling creatures in the depth,” and “Perfect everything, perfect life” while still admitting the complexity that lies under the surface.

These lyrics are about having self-doubt, wanting things to change, and trying to find peace in the middle of chaos. Hannah’s unfiltered vulnerability is on full display in the chorus of “Perfect Blues”. She begs fervently to be sent far away, admitting that she feels guilty about wanting to leave her current situation. Hannah uses potent images to depict her troubles in the post-chorus. She illustrates the paradox of trying to keep afloat while being dragged down by the weight of her emotions by using the metaphor of swimming and drowning in gravity.

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