Fact check: Is Hajia4Real Arrested In UK? Hajia For Real arrested hoax on Internet

Here’s why Dem Don extradited Ghana influencer Hajia4Reall from the UK to the US. You are required to read the article and follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more details as this news is currently grabbing all the highlights over the social media platforms. A popular Ghanaian social media influencer, Mona Faiz Montrage has been extradited from the United Kingdom to the US for allegedly swindling over $2 million from older, single American men and women in a twisted fickle hearts scam, federal prosecutors said on Monday. Reportedly, Montrage, 30, of Acre, Ghana, appeared in Manhattan federal court for her alleged involvement in a series of romance schemes targeting older people who lived alone.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Is Hajia4Real Arrested In UK?

Montrage who had around 3.4 million Instagram followers on her page Hajia4Reall at one point, from at least 2013 through 2019 was involved with a group of con artists from West Africa, who assumed fake identities to trick people into thinking they were in relationships with them using emails, texts, and social media messages.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

The scammers would then get the victims to transfer money to them under false pretenses, such as to help move gold to the US from overseas, to resolve bogus FBI investigations, and payments to help fake US Army officers in Afghanistan, court papers allege. Montrage, in one case, allegedly duped a victim into sending her $89,000 through 82 wire transfers, on the pretext of helping her father’s farm in Ghana, the court documents claim.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

Hajia For Real arrested

She tricked the person into believing the pair were married by sending them a tribal marriage certificate after a series of phone conversations using her real identity, the filing alleges. Montage also received money from several others who were swindled by scammers in her network, prosecutors allege. In total, Montrage netted $2 million in funds the group ripped off from victims to bank accounts she had in the Bronx and elsewhere, including one opened in the name of 4Reall Designs, a supposed clothing company.

Hajia 4 Real Arrested In UK Update

She then allegedly laundered the stolen money to other members of the enterprise, the indictment charges. The social media influencer — whose Instagram account was among the top 10 most followed in Ghana –was arrested on Nov. 10, 2022, in the UK for the alleged conspiracy and brought to the US on Friday. She is charged with wire fraud, money laundering, receipt of stolen money, and conspiracy and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the top charge. Montage pleaded not guilty during her court appearance and was set to be released on home detention to her aunt’s New Jersey residence in the coming days on $500,000 bond, with GPS tracking via an ankle monitor, her lawyer and the prosecutor’s office confirmed.

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