GTA 6 facial recognition: all about the rumor surfacing online

As the public searches for information on GTA 6 facial recognition online, we’ll discuss it here. The public uses the internet to learn about this game and, in addition, they use it to learn about new upgrades to the game because whispers are spreading like wildfire online. As a result, we have provided information on the game for our readers on this page. Not only that, but we’re also going to provide information on persistent game-related rumors that the public is learning about online. In order to learn more about the game and its rumors, keep reading the article.

GTA 6 facial recognition

GTA 6 facial recognition

Many claims are currently circulating online that GTA 6 will require facial recognition in order to purchase. Let’s look at the beginning of this recent spectacle to see if any truth has been warped in this most recent rumor. The main point of this topic is that some people think the ESRB will use cutting-edge technology to scan a person’s face to determine if they can buy a game. Although it may sound fancy, ESRB representatives have made it clear to publications like PC Gamer and Gizmodo that this technology is not intended to scan the faces of children to prohibit them from buying new games.

GTA 6 facial recognition

owing to Grand Theft Auto’s historical precedent for mature ratings (and even Adults Only owing to various controversies), it is obvious that the GTA 6 audience has been made aware of the entirety of this story. Popular PC gaming publication PC Gamer reported: “The ESRB has produced a statement explaining that this technology does not ‘confirm the identity of users,’ nor is it intended to scan the faces of kids to ascertain if they are old enough to purchase specific titles. It solely makes use of photos to establish the age of the individual in order to adhere to COPPA privacy regulations.

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Similar to Gizmodo, a spokesman was approached by the news outlet, and they provided them with the following response: “The ESRB does not intend to use facial age estimation to prevent children from purchasing restrictively rated games, the spokesperson added.” It appears that the ESRB is not employing cutting-edge technologies to stop kids from purchasing explicit games. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, is the reason they’re doing it. It follows that organizations intending to collect or share information from children must obtain permission from their parents. Due in large part to the ESRB’s new age verification scan, several early reports and videos claimed that children couldn’t play Grand Theft Auto 6.

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