Former Employee Loot Flipkart Office With The Help Of Toy Gun, Rob 21 Lakhs

An arrest case came forward and this case is stealing the eyes of several people. Everyone is shocked to hear that an Ex-Flipkart employee used a ‘toy gun’ to loot an office in Haryana. This case is the hot topic right now and the most searchable topic as well. If you are also a searcher of this news it is great because you reached the worthwhile page, where you will get the authentic details about the news. The employee was dragged out of the office and he was frustrated and took this step as executed a robbery at his Sonipat-based office. We will try to cover all the details labor the news. Let’s continue the article.

Former Employee Loot Flipkart Office

Former Employee Loot Flipkart Office With The Help Of Toy Gun

According to the report, two individuals were also involved with him and the shocking this is they executed this whole robbery with the toy gun and robbed a total of 21 lakh rupees from his Flipkart office. The police have apprehended two men in the robbery case and are searching for the third accused, This news was reported by a trusted media outlet. We will tell you tell you moreover details about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

On the basis of the report, the main accused in the robbery case, recognized as Summit is a former employee of the company, on the basis of the police. This case became a shocking topic for everyone and all are talking about the news. When he was terminated from his job at Flipkart a month ago. He roped in his two more friends in the robbery. His accessories Anil Tiger and Sandeep permitted him to plan the loot and execute it last month, as reported by trusted sources. Scroll down the read this entire article.

Furthermore, Sumit knew everything about the increased cash flow in the office at the time of the festive season. If talk about the knowledge, he planned this robbery and executed it in the month of October, according to the police. On the day of 16 October, all 3 individuals have done this to get some money. An individual Sandeep is still yet to be apprehended but two suspects have been arrested by the police. 6.3 lakhs along with a car, and a toy pistol has been found by the police. Police are doing a deep investigation to find out the entire matter. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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