Don Lemon Nikki Haley Prime Comment Explained: What did Don Lemon say about Nikki Haley?

The popular journalist and television personality is making the headlines of the news after making remarks on a former governor and on women as well. Whose job is to share the news with the public now becomes a piece of news and people are actually showing their interest in him and want to know what he said and to whom. Most of you are getting confused that whom we are talking about and want to know. If you are actively using social media platforms then you should know the host of CNN Tonight, Don Lemon has made a comment on women and now he is facing backlash. People are calling him racist and those who don’t know the matter want to know.

Don Lemon

Don Lemon Nikki Haley Prime Comment Explained

Don Lemon is a famous news anchor and people generally don’t expect such type of comments from a reporter. Don Lemon is a big name in the media industry and popularly recognized as a familiar face on CNN for several years. This journalist has covered some of the biggest news stories of our time including, Hurricane Katrina, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the 9/11 attacks. Though, he was always controversial and faced criticism due to his remarks and opinions which usually offended people. Mostly he made remarks or share his opinions on the issue of gender and race and this time as well he did the same.

Date of BirthMarch 1, 1966
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana
CareerJournalist, Television Host
Current EmployerCNN
Net Worth$12 million
PartnerTim Malone
ControversyComments about Nikki Haley
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What Remarks Did He make On Women?

Don Lemon is the host of CNN who is currently facing backlash after he made remarks on women in their prime. His controversial comments instantly pulled the attention of the people. According to the reports, at the time of the segment on his show, the host of CNN Tonight referred to ladies in their 50s as “the prime of their lives”. Now the unexpected comments outrage watchers and celebrities, including ex-Ambassador of the United States, Nikki Haley.

Don Lemon

There are several people the comments on Lemon are sexist and ageist. The former governor made a tweet after learning the comments of Don as “disrespectful” and asked him to apologize immediately. Not only this, but the host also made comments about women past their prime which add more fuel to the controversy, and all over social media people criticized him and want strict action against him. He made the comment that “a lady is considered to be past her prime if she is over 50.” However, after watching the backlashes and criticism, he didn’t take much time and apologized for his derogatory remarks. He stated that he is regretting and realized that his comments are quite offensive and he also apologized to his co-workers at CNN.

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