Did Damar Hamlin Die from the COVID Vaccine?

A new controversy has sparked over Damar Hamlin. Recently, it was claimed that Buffalo Bills used a Body Double of Damar Hamlin on Sunday. Earlier this month, Damar Hamlin collapsed during a game in the National Football League and he was hospitalized as he suffered a cardiac arrest on the ground. Later it was alleged that Damar Hamlin passed away because of a Covid-19 Vaccine. It did not end there, on Sunday Damar Hamlin returned to the team’s stadium to watch the game. Meanwhile, a story evolved on the internet it claimed Buffalo Bills used a body double of Damar Hamlin while the real Damar Hamlin had died due to Covid vaccine. Since this story came into the limelight, people have been taking over the internet and searching for what is the matter. However, we have come up with this article to make you educated about this controversial story about Damar Hamlin. Drag down the page. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Damar Hamlin

Did Damar Hamlin Die from the COVID Vaccine?

On Sunday, Damar Hamlin appeared in the stadium. He was there to watch a playoff game. Damar Hamlin attended the game in a red outfit while his head was covered with a hoodie. He was also wearing a mask to cover his face paired with glasses. In fact, it was Damar Hamlin’s first public appearance after a medical emergency he faced earlier this month. But rumors spread on the internet that Damar Hamlin was really not there. He was someone else who impersonate Damar Hamlin. Scroll down the page and learn more details.

According to the rumors, the person who was standing in the stadium was not Damar Hamlin. He was his body double while the real Damar Hamlin had passed away due to the Covid Vaccine. Nevertheless, Mike Rothschild also wrote on Twitter, “the hot new anti-vax conspiracy theory is that Damar Hamlin secretly died from the vaccine and the NFL is using a body double to fool his fans into thinking he’s alive.”

Meanwhile, people got perplexed and started searching if Damar Hamlin is dead. But this was not more than a baseless theory. There is a difference between a theory and a fact. And it was a baseless theory. Nevertheless, Buffalo Bills, NFL, and the team’s coach also took to their official Twitter handles and said Damar Hamlin attended the Jan 22 game. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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