DWP Cost Of Living Payment 2023 Dates: When is the first DWP Cost of Living payment in 2023?

The two lucky members have won the prize for NS&I. If you are one of them, then a big congratulations to you. You will get complete information about the winners in this article.

DWP Cost Of Living Payment 2023 Dates

DWP Cost Of Living Payment 2023 Dates

The Current Progress:

This year’s draw is a big one. It has been the biggest in the last 14 years. There have been 500 premium bonds millionaires. There have been 606 million prices given till now. Below are the details of the lucky winners of 2023.

Details Of The Lucky Winners:

  • 1st Lucky Winner:

The first lucky winner belongs to Sefton, Merseyside. The winner’s bond number is 109ZT548786.

The winner had total holdings of the premium bonds worth 30,000 pounds. The bond won by the lucky winner was purchased in May 2006.

He was having lowest value holdings and still manages to win. We congratulate both the lucky winners for their achievements.

  • 2nd Lucky Winner:

The second lucky winner was having bond number 136RN551344. They were already holding 3,000 pounds before the purchase. It was purchased in February 2008.

The winners are very happy to get the money. They were not expecting this.

Other Premium Bonds Millionaires:

There are 500 Premium Bonds Millionaires. So let us discuss in detail about them.

A total of 56 people won 100,000 pounds. 11 members won 50,000 pounds. 224 members won 25,000 pounds, and 1116 members won 5000 pounds.

How Can I Choose The Right Bonds To Win?

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All the bonds have an equal probability to win. It does not depend upon the time or place you buy it.

Unclaimed Prizes:

There are still many unclaimed prizes. It is being said that 9,473 prizes are still unclaimed, which is in total worth 320,600 pounds.

The largest amount holders from the above amount have not claimed the prize worth 1,000 pounds.

Expiry Date For The Prizes:

The best part is that these prizes don’t expire. You can claim it whenever you want. There are still many winners who have not claimed their prizes yet. You can claim the prizes as old as the time they started.

How To Check Your Bonds And Prizes?

You can check all the prizes won. You have to go to the price checker with your information.

You can visit the official website and enter your NS&I number there. You will be eligible to claim the prize you won.

This was all about the NS&I winners of 2023. We will provide you with more such updates. Stay tuned with us for more details about NS&I and other premium bond updates.

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