Is Officer Frank Sloup Fired? What Happened To Frank Sloup?

On the web, there is a new rumor that is circulating on many platforms. This rumor has given a big shock to people. There is a rumor that Officer Frank Sloup is fired now. Frank Sloup is a law enforcement member. There is a rumor that he has been fired. Since the rumor has been speculated people were very shocked and started searching is officer Frank Sloup fired. People are interested in knowing about him. He often came into the public eye as before this rumor he had already been fired from the two law enforcement agencies in Arizona because of his controversial appearance at the Fridays With Frank. Now again his fired rumor has come out on the web because of that people are shocked and curious to learn the reality behind this rumor.

Frank Sloup

Is Officer Frank Sloup Fired

As we all know the work of law enforcement officers, are one of the most hardworking people in the world. Their work is really tough and it is not easy to handle the situation from which they suffer. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. They are on the front line of justice and security. They serve their community. Many officers are very hardworking but all the officers are in the positive attention and some of the officers trouble in some conroversies. We are talking about the officer Frank Sloup. Scroll down to learn about him.

Officer Frank Sloup Fired

Officer Frank Sloup is currently one of the most trending people on the internet. He is in the public eye because of his appearance in the weekly video series Fridays With Frank by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. He has said something controversial because of that he is troubled by a controversy right now. Previously, he has already been dismissed from two law enforcement agencies. Scroll down to know if he is fired from his current job or not.

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Frank Sloup

Officer Frank Sloup works as a member of the Traffic Unit. He is an Assistant team leader and operator on a regional SWAT Team in the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. He has various responsibilities which have been marked as a law enforcement officer. His responsibilities include Patrol Sergeant, Lake Patrol Sergeant, Lead Vehicular Crimes Investigators, Advanced Diver in lake patrol, Search and Rescue, Firearms, and Tactical Rifle Instructor. Till now there is not any specific information that whether Frank has been fired from his current job or not. Maybe he is not fired because the controversial video was created by his own agency the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

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