Drew Wilborn Arrested: Prosper ISD School Board President Resigns After Allegations Of Indecency With A Child

Drew Wilborn is a well-known personality. He is the ex-president of the Independent School District Board. He is a forty-three years old man. It is said that he was found doing s@xual abuse and Indecency with a child. Police arrested him on Wednesday. The incident was disclosed on 12 April 2022. The investigation was going on for a long time. The Police came to know that the child was forcefully abused, and scared. Drew was arrested in Texas on Wednesday. The child was 16 years old. Drew is currently in Dallas County Jail. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Drew Wilborn Arrested

Drew Wilborn Arrested

The Prosper Independent School District states that no student of Prosper was involved in the case. They also give answers to other questions of the Dallas Police Department. As Drew is the president of Prosper Independent School District, he addressed the complaint of parents. They complained that the bus driver sexually abuses their two daughters five and seven years old. The board hired a lawyer to investigate. The bus driver was arrested. He jumps from the second floor of the county jail. His lower part was paralyzed. He commits suicide after a few days.

Drew is a postgraduate of Dallas Baptist University. The final investigation is still going on. The police will find out the actual suspect. People are eager to have more details about the Incident. You will get complete information about the Incident in this article. Keep reading for more details. People are demanding justice for the child. It has already been many months since the incident. It is needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

The family of the child is going through trauma. They want justice for their child. Child abuse and Indecency have become common. The reason behind this is that many children are not taught about dealing with these situations. They are just pressurized to suppress their feelings. Many parents ignore or don’t believe their children.

It is very important to punish such people. Else, it will become so common that people will start committing suicide rather than filing complaints. This was all for the case. The board members are claiming that no child in their school has faced indecency. On the other hand, a child is said to be abused. The police will investigate and find some more clues.

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