Police Minister Bheki Cele on Police Corruption: What are his views?

Corruption in society always leads to a downward graph in society’s growth. It often degrades the quality of life. You will get complete details about the recent police corruption matters going on in South Africa and what Police Minister Bheki Cele says about it. Keep reading for more details. 

Bheki Cele

What Did Police Minister Bheki Cele Said About the Police Corruption in South Africa? 

Bheki Cele is a South African Police Minister. He has been recently interviewed by different news channels and has been asked about his views on police corruption. Let us see below what he has mentioned. Bheki started with the statement that there are always some good people and some bad. He mentions that there can be some bad police in the country, but not all are bad. There are also good police who are doing their work in the right way. The recent report by the sources mentions that there is an increase in the extortion of money and also sexual favors from women.  

As these things are increasing, the national police minister showed his concern and talked more about these issues. He mentioned that more police force needs to be deployed to the crime-prone areas. He also stated that special forces and detectives need to be sent to places where crime is increasing. No leniency should be shown against corruption also. If everyone starts doing their work properly, then everything will be fine. 

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An allegation was also put of South African police that they did not respond when a woman reported a drug trade. He mentioned that he will definitely take action against those police officers who are spreading corruption. Many people do not trust police officers. They believe them to be hard and unhelpful. He states that this is very true that people resist asking the police for help. 

He further mentions that there are many police officers that have helped people and provided justice. There are bad police too, but good ones are also there. The interview and talk with the national police minister showed us the other side’s perspective too. He mentioned that there is an urgent need to strictly set some rules for the department to reduce things. He mentions that steps are being taken to reduce the effect of corruption on common people. This was all about the talk Cele in an interview about police corruption. 

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