Who Is Claus Svelmo Marcuslund? Man flew more than 5,000 miles to Fresno for $ex with child

This is to inform you that a story is evolving on the internet that Danish music producer Claus Svelmo Marcuslund has been arrested. According to various social media publications, Claus Svelmo Marcuslund who is from Copenhagen, Denmark, was arrested in California. On Saturday, July 22, 2023, numerous outlets broke the news claiming that Claus Svelmo Marcuslund was in Fresno CA when he was taken into custody. As he is a renowned music producer, his arrest news left everyone shocked and stunned. Now, his followers are taking over the internet and scrounging the weblogs to learn what get Claus Svelmo Marcuslund arrested in Fresno, California. Swipe down the page and read what are the charges against him.

Claus Svelmo Marcuslund

Who Is Claus Svelmo Marcuslund?

Prior to talking about the allegations and charges against Claus Svelmo Marcuslund, let’s discuss who he is. He is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is mainly known as a Danish music producer. He attended Bøgehøjskolen in Årslev, Funen, Denmark. In 1984, he graduated from Midtfyns Gymnasium in Ringe, Denmark. Before living in Copenhagen, he used to live in Arslev and Odense. He released a play “Chrysalis” in 1997. He also started a music company titled “Claus Marcus Music”. But when he came to know that there is already a German artist with the name Claus Marcus, he changed his company’s name to Nixound. He engineers, produces, and writes for his company. Scroll down the page and read what are the charges against him.

The authorities claimed that a man from Denmark traveled to Fresno CA to do s3xual activities with a child. The accused has been arrested and indicted. On Thursday, the federal grand jury in Fresno returned a two-count indictment against Claus Svelmo Marcuslund. According to the reports, he is charged with the distribution of child p*rnography and attempted enticement of a minor to engage in illicit s3xual activity. Swipe down the page and read more details.

However, Claus Svelmo Marcuslund is not the single person who received an indictment of two counts, Susanville’s resident identified as Bradley Earl Reger was also charged with multiple charges related to s3xual abuse of minors. Sources have confirmed that Denmark man Claus Svelmo Marcuslund was nabbed at the Fresno airport on July 11, 2023, after spending months during which he talked with an undercover agent of the US Homeland Security Investigations posing as the mother of a 7-year-old girl. Claus Svelmo Marcuslund told the undercover agent “I’m Scandinavian, professional music producer/songwriter and lyricist, and yeah, I’m also a pedophile.”

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