Who Is Derek Beaumont’s Wife, Laura Beaumont? Kids And Family

Derek Beaumont stands out as a prominent figure not only in rugby league but also in the business world. His successful ventures span a decking enterprise across the UK, Europe, and France, while maintaining ownership of the Leigh Leopards. As the proprietor of Leigh Leopards, Derek’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2023, raising curiosity about his personal life and trajectory. Derek Beaumont is married to Laura Beaumont. While he hasn’t shared extensive details about their marital journey, he did reveal that Laura is engaged in fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. In August 2021, the couple embarked on a road bike journey with a team of 13 from Leigh Sports Village to St James’ Park in Newcastle, in support of charitable causes.

Derek Beaumont

Who Is Derek Beaumont’s Wife, Laura Beaumont?

Derek Beaumont’s connection with his family remains private, as he has chosen not to disclose further details about his family, upbringing, and children. He did mention that he lost his father to blood cancer in June 2020. Beyond his business and rugby involvements, Derek’s love for cars, subtly indicated by references to a Lamborghini, adds another layer to his personality. He is recognized for his elegance and unique style, as evidenced by his distinctive leopard print suit worn to celebrate Leigh Leopards’ victory in the Challenge Cup final. Under Derek Beaumont’s leadership, Leigh Leopards achieved a remarkable turnaround, rising from Championship contenders to consecutive trophy winners. His dedication to the club’s success and his role as a significant presence in both the business and sports worlds have earned him admiration and recognition.

Under the guidance of former Wigan boss Adrian Lam, Leigh Leopards achieved significant milestones in their recent journey. They secured the 1895 Cup and earned promotion to the Super League in the previous season. Their victory at Wembley stood as a testament to their remarkable revival within a span of just 15 months. Derek Beaumont provided insights into the intense match, emphasizing its significance beyond the simple outcome of winning or losing. For him and the team, the match was about more than just the final score. The focus was on the profound experience of participation and competition, irrespective of the ultimate result. Approaching the match with this perspective, they viewed their presence itself as an accomplishment. This outlook influenced their approach to the game, valuing the experience of being on the field and giving their all. Derek Beaumont also extended his appreciation to Hull KR for their part in creating an engaging and thrilling spectacle. This recognition showcases the sportsmanship and respect that underpin the rugby league community, celebrating both competition and camaraderie on the field.

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