Weetabix Fans Eating Them WRONG But It’s Divided Opinion

The general public has a wide range of perspectives about breakfast. Some people prefer light breakfasts, while others want meals that let them feel their bodies. And they don’t like to mess things up when it comes to their cereal. There has recently been some discussion among Weetabix aficionados on the internet, and it has been claimed that they are all consuming their favorite breakfast incorrectly. Since the public is using the internet to learn more about this issue, we have joined the debate and brought the complete information. Continue reading to find out more about this recent viral news.

Eating Weetabix

Eating Weetabix

Fans of WEETABIX have been informed that they are misusing their favorite cereal. For years, Brits have argued over whether milk should be added to cereal bowls before or after breakfast, and now the founders themselves have joined in. James May, a Grand Tour star, started a new conversation about someone pouring milk over cornflakes on Twitter. “Just saw this happen and it disturbed me,” he tweeted. The cereal company reacted by declaring in a Twitter video that “rules were made to be broken” in response. The cereal bowl was shown in the video with milk added before a delicate addition of a wheat brick.

Eating Weetabix

The TV host responded by labeling the company “lunatics” and naming them a brand. Fans are in amazement as they refer to the rampage as a “serial cereal killer”.The widely shared tweet has received thousands of responses from upset breakfast enthusiasts and proponents of milk before cereal. Someone admitted: “I’m going to try it, you never know – it might be a breakfast breakthrough?” But at this point, even the brand executives had to intervene to end the heated argument. “Our fans love to stake their claims on the debate of whether milk or Weetabix comes first, but the verdict is still out,” said Elaine Wan, assistant brand manager.

“The key query? There may be a proper method to consume Weetabix. Although custom dictates that the milk comes first, followed by the Bix, we think that occasionally it’s necessary to break the rules. It really just depends on your liking for the texture because adding the milk first allows you to keep your Bix crisper and crunchier for longer. Having said that, we’re content to let our supporters choose how they eat theirs. Anything goes when it comes to Weetabix. “Remember, we’re the company that gave their Bix Beanz!” It follows the company’s suggestion that customers consume Heinz baked beans on top of the cereal, which sparked uproar online.

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