Actor PPK Shankar Passed Away: What Happened To Journalist?

The famous journalist “PPK” has passed away. This is the most shocking news on social media right now. PPK, also known as Shankar, was a well-known journalist, performer, and activist who died at the age of 78. He passed away at his daughter’s house, close to Kozhikode Medical College, where he was getting treatment after a protracted period of bed rest. The funeral service will be held at the Mankav cremation in Kozhikode on Thursday morning. Shankar was born into a family steeped in activism and social concerns; he is the illustrious independence fighter and KPCC member MK Sivasankara Menon. His mother, PP Kunji Lakshmiamma, was a well-known theatrical performer and Mahila Congress member. Shankar’s upbringing in such a setting led to the development of a strong interest in the arts at an early age.

What Happened To Journalist

Actor PPK Shankar Passed Away

Shankar began exploring the world of theatre and performing even as a fifth-grade student at L.P. School. His talent and commitment were soon obvious, and throughout his high school years, he was recognized and awarded for his outstanding accomplishments at the district level. His enthusiasm for performing was stoked by this early success, inspiring him to look into other options. Shankar went to Mumbai with the intention of pursuing a career in the arts. He had a platform to show off his ability thanks to the dynamic city’s abundance of creative and cultural events. He became heavily active in several theatrical projects, both amateur and professional, after being immersed in the vibrant art scene.

Actor PPK Shankar Passed Away

Shankar established a distinction for himself in the business thanks to his outstanding performances and persistent dedication to his art. In addition to acting, Shankar made other contributions. He was a skilled journalist who was renowned for his sharp reporting and perceptive analysis. Respect and affection from his peers and the larger community were earned as a result of his dedication to journalistic ethics and courageous pursuit of the truth. Shankar’s artistic and journalistic endeavors remained interwoven throughout his distinguished career as he easily switched between them. His acting experience helped him refine his narrative skills, which gave his writing a certain flair and depth. He was able to grasp the core of a narrative and communicate it to his audience in a fascinating and thought-provoking way because of his multifaceted approach.

Shankar gave similar importance to his personal life. He was loyal to Shobha Shankar, his wife, and the couple had a happy family. V.V. Rashmi and V.V. Ranjith, his children, gave him much pleasure and delight. In addition, Sudhir Govindapuram, his son-in-law, assimilated into the family, participating in its happiness and grief. We all are gonna miss him forever. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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