Amanda Abbington Controversy: Why she denies being transphobic and delete twitter account

Amanda Abbington has been troubled by controversy. Recently, she was given a big statement because of that she is in trouble now. Her fans are also very shocked after listening to the statement. This controversy has raised the interest of Netizens. Now a lot of people don’t know about the clear statement so they are very curious to know what she said. What statement she has given? What is the whole controversy? So to know about the whole controversy read this whole article.

Amanda Abbington

Amanda Abbington Controversy

Amanda Abbington is a famous British actress. She is well-known for her roles in theater, television, and motion pictures. She was born on 28th February 1974 in London, England. Her full name is Amanda Jane Smith. Abbington became well-known for her performance as Mary Morstan in the well-liked BBC television series “Sherlock,” which starred Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. She participated in the third, fourth, and final seasons of the program. In addition to her part in “Sherlock,” Amanda Abbington has made appearances in a number of other TV shows and motion pictures. She has done brilliant roles in many movies and shows like The Bill 2000-2003, Doc Martin 2005, Agatha Christie Pirot 2013, Mr. Selfridge 2013-2016, After You’ve Gone 2007-2008, and Cuffs 2015.

Amanda Abbington

Additionally, Amanda Abbington has performed in a number of theater shows and acted in movies like “Ghosted” (2011) and “Swinging with the Finkels” (2011). Abbington’s personal connection with actor Martin Freeman. They are blessed with two children. Although they had been together for many years then they separated in 2016. Till now Amanda has been troubled by many controversies, and she has faced all these controversies bravely. She doesn’t really care about the negative comments and controversy about her. She just does her work and she always says whatever she wants to share. And now again there is a big controversy about her. To read about the whole controversy scroll down to the next paragraph.

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Amanda Abbington

Some days back, Amanda Abbington released a statement where she said, “She is not a transphobic person, she is a firm supporter o the legitimate trans community. She always has been.” She said this on Instagram. After that, she received a lot of backlash because of her statement. And she also explains to everyone about her perspective. She deleted her account on X because of the backlash to her selection for the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC. This is the most viral and trending controversy of the current time.

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