Casa Amor Love Island 2023 Cast List

Love Island is back with another season. People are curious to know more about the Love Island cast. You will get complete details about Love Island Summer 2023 Casa Amor cast. Keep reading for information.

Casa Amor Love Island 2023

Casa Amor Love Island 2023 Cast

Love Island is back with its new islanders. They are ready for the season. In this season, new people will join the season and come to know the other contestants. The new contestants will be another option for the islanders with which they can recouple. There will be several days on the island after which one will decide whether they want to be with their partner or recouple with someone else. According to the recent episodes, Sammy Root has shown interest in Jess Harding while Whitney Adebayo has dated Zachariah Noble. Kady McDermott is the current partner of Zachariah Noble. There have been some misunderstandings between the both. Things are not going well between the two which might be the reason Zachariah Noble is dating or getting attracted to Whitney. While Zach is going to have more difficulty as his ex-girlfriend, Molly Marsh is also expected to come in the show. If she joins, he has t decide among the three girls. Also, the new contestants are coming in. ANything can happen. People are excited to see whom will Zach wanted to be with. People are curious to know more about the cast that is joining.

Casa Amor Love Island 2023 Cast List

The names of the cast members that are confirmed to join Love Island are below.

  1. Tink Reading: She is 26 years old and a project manager.
  2. Danielle Mazhindu: She is 25 years old and a recruitment assistant and occupational therapy student.
  3. Amber Wise: She is 19 years old and is a graphic design student.
  4. Gabby Jeffery: She is 24 years old. She is a creative assistant.
  5. Abi Moores: She is 25 years old and a Flight Attendant.
  6. Molly MArsh: She is 24 years old and a Musical Theatre Performer and a social media creator.
  7. Kodie Murphy: He is 20 years old and a social media marketer.
  8. Ouzy See: He is 28 years old and a footballer, tradesman, and a model
  9. Zachary Ashford: He is 27 years old and a senior Sales executive.
  10. Elom Ahlijah Wilson: He is 22 years old and a Masseuse and Fitness trainer.
  11. Lochan Nowacki: He is 25 years old. He is the account manager.
  12. Benjamin Noel: He is 26 years old. He is a fitness business owner. Stay tuned for more details.

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