Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants List: CGT Season 2 Participants

Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) is a popular show that captures the different talents of people on one stage. Whoever entertains the most with their talents gets to move forward. Canada’s Got Talent has come back with next season. The wait is over. Let us discuss more about the participants of Canada’s Got Talent. You will get to know more about the contestants in Canada’s Got Talent 2023 in detail. The contestants are divided into four categories. The first ones are those who have been auditioned, the second are those who are eliminated, the third are those who are still competing, and the last are those with the golden buzzers. There were 82 contestants said to have been in Canada’s Got Talent.  

Canada’s Got Talent 2023

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Season 2 Contestants List

Canada’s Got Talent premiered on 21st March 2023. It showed audition rounds first. Let us start with those who got Golden Buzzer which means direct entry into the semi-finals. 

Sr No.Contestant NameActStatus
1Beatrice LoveSingingCompeting
3Atsushi OnoMagicianCompeting
4Young MommySingingEliminated
5Geneviève CôtéNoise MakerGolden Buzzer
6T.ACOS X T.EENAGERSDance GroupEliminated
7Evan TurnbullSingingCompeting
8MarquisDance GroupEliminated
9Charles Philippe LaurinVarietyEliminated
10Emma GarriottSingingEliminated
11The Cheerforce Golden GirlsDance GroupEliminated
12Paola TroiloSingingCompeting
13Mcelman & The MaestroOpera DuoEliminated
14Christian MasciaEscape MagicEliminated
15Evangel Omari BesongSingingCompeting
16Magic BenMagicianCompeting
17Dean GunnarsonEscape ActEliminated
18XpectaculoDancing DuoEliminated
19ConversionDance GroupGolden Buzzer
20Mr. Cuddles The Evil OctopusOctopus ActCompeting
21Kenton & LiseMusiciansCompeting
22Captain Finn & The Salty Sea DogsMusiciansEliminated
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Canada’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Candidates: 

The first contestant with Golden Buzzer is Genevieve Cote from Laval, Quebec. They got the buzzer in Week 1. The next one is Conversion. They are a dance group from Trois Rivieres, Quebec. They got the buzzer in week 2. They both got direct entry to the semi-finals. 

Canada’s Got Talent 2023

Canada’s Got Talent Competing Candidates: 

The candidates that are selected are competing further. The candidates competing are Beatrice love who performs singing. She is a singer from Montreal, Quebec from week 1. The next one is GBA which performs Aerobics. They belong to Montreal, Quebec. The third one is Atsushi Ono who performs Magic. He is from Calgary, Alberta. The fourth one is Evan Turnbull who performs singing.  

The fifth one is Paola Troilo who sings. She belongs to the level of Quebec. The sixth one in competition is Mr. Cuddles the Evil Octopus. He performs the Octopus act. The next one is Kenton & Lise. They are musicians from Toronto, Ontario. The next one is Meave from sings. She belongs to Niagara Falls, Ontario.  

Canada’s Got Talent Eliminated Contestants: 

The first one who was eliminated was Young Mommy who sings. She was from Toronto, Ontario. The next one was T.ACOS X T.EENAGERS. It was a dance group from Granby, Quebec. Marquis was a dance group that was eliminated that belongs from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Charles Phillippe Laurin, who belongs to Montreal, Quebec. 

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The next contestant who was eliminated was Emma Garriott from Port McNeill, British Columbia. The others include The Cheerforce Golden Girls, Mcelman & the Maestro, Christian Mascia, Dean Gunnarson, and Xpectaculo. 

Stay tuned for more details.  

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