Why did Charlie Evan get Arrested? French Tourist Charged For Punching Woman In Japan

The laws of some countries are actually strict and they never spare anyone whether the offender is a common person or a famous personality. It is our duty to obey the rules and even respect them. However, sometimes the situation doesn’t go well and made a person do something which is not right at least in the eyes of law and the person ends up behind the bars. This time, a French tourist is behind bars after he was found accused of assault his arrest news is trending and people want to know what wrong he has done and whom he assaulted is he the only one who commit the crime or is there any other stories which need to come for.


Charlie Evan Arrested

Why did Charlie Evan get Arrested?

If you are also looking for the same then you don’t need to search more as we are here to figure out the entire matter. The accused is identified as Charlie Evan who is a citizen of France and has recently made the headlines obviously not because of good reason but due to wrong reason. The reports state that he got detained on Tuesday, 18th April 2023. A video related to him has surfaced on the web in which he was seen punching a lady in her face. Now this video has spread like wildfire on social media platforms and making everyone keen to know about it. As usual, the prime source of the video to get viral is Twitter and later on, it is available to watch on other platforms as well.



As soon as the video came in front of the police, they started investigating it and detained the French tourist. The report state that Evan and his friend’s group collided with a lady causing her to drop her lunch box and it became the reason for the fighting. After the altercation, Evan has allegedly been detained. Because of his detain, the name of Evan has started circulating on the web and individuals get keen to look for more details. The suspect has been detained for punching a lady in her 20s in the face which left her wounded on the streets of Minato ward in Tokyo.


It all started when Evan and his pals collided with the Japanese lady which made her drop her lunch box it became the reason for the fight and the matter get worse when Eren punched her in the face. Those who were standing there recorded the fight instead of stopping them and then posted it on Twitter. In the viral video, the woman can be watched grabbing his shirt of Charlie as he backs away. After that, he gets too much furious and punches her in her face which causes her to fall to the ground and instead of helping her, they all ran away. The Metropolitan Police Department stated that Charlie denied all the accusations made against him.

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