Is Burna Bandz Arrested Again? Rapper Sentenced To 4 Years

The crimes have been increasing and taking the lives of many people. Despite knowing that it is sin to kill someone, murder cases are on the rise. We are often using the killing news which makes us anxious about it. Not only common people but some famous personalities are also becoming victims of such crimes. We can’t totally blame the police for not taking the matter seriously as they are already doing work and trying to catch criminals. However, criminals are becoming fearless, and in spite of knowing the consequences they are taking the lives of people. This time as well we are sharing the passing news of a rapper whose suspects are finally identified.

Burna Bandz

Is Burna Bandz Arrested Again?

Cops state that they have identified 4 of 10 people they claim either brandished or fired handguns in the direction of Highway 401 at the time of the memorial for Dimarjio Jenkins. Those who are hearing this name for the first time will be going to sad after learning that the deceased was a famous rapper assassinated in downtown Toronto. This heinous crime happened last month and pulled a lot of attention. The fans were anxious and sad ever since they learned about his murder news but now they are feeling relaxed after learning that the police have identified suspects.

Police also urge the public to assist them and released the video of gunfire so that if anyone knows the whereabouts of the suspects they can inform them.

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Burna Bandz

Now the suspects are facing the firearms charges and in custody are 24-year-old Gaddiell Ledinek who sustained a gunshot injury and was earlier identified by the media outlet and 20-year-old Traequan Mahoney of Brampton. Both men are in the rapping industry like Jenkins recorded music and song videos with the hip-hop collection based in the northwest Driftwood community of Toronto.

In further addition to this, warrants have been released 2 others at the memorial: 24-year-old Burke Whittaker, and 18-year-old Javontae Johnson of Pickering for reportedly discharging firearms. Not only this but Johnson is also wanted in York Region on charges of flight from a police officer and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, offenses reportedly committed the day after the memorial. However, detectives are still working to recognize the remaining suspects. Cops have so far not issued details on who they believe at first opened fire on the gathering from the side of the highway. The police also released the video of the crime which viewed the chaotic moments that were disclosed in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Burna Bandz

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