BSF lodges protest against firing by Pakistan Rangers

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BSF delegation lodges 'strong protest

BSF lodges protest against firing by Pakistan Rangers

Over the unjustified shooting in the Arnia area on the evening of October 26–27, the Border Security Force strongly objected to Pakistani Rangers on Saturday. According to PRO BSF Jammu, on Saturday, the BSF delegation objected at the commandant-level flag meeting with Pakistan Rangers at the Border out Post Octroi. “The meeting ended in a cordial atmosphere to maintain peace and tranquillity on the International border,” remarked a BSF official. According to reports, the BSF responded against Pakistani troops for opening fire in Jammu’s Arnia and RS Pura sectors two days earlier without warning. The terrorist-supporting infrastructure of the enemy posts was severely damaged in the incident.

A BSF spokesperson stated on Friday, stating, “The BSF appropriately responded to Pakistani Rangers’ unprovoked firing and mortar shelling in Arnia.” There was sporadic shooting till three in the morning.” According to sources, the whole controversy began a few days ago when Pakistani forces opened fire on a BSF soldier who was doing repairs close to the international border’s border barrier. Following the initial incident, Pakistani positions were targeted by BSF posts in retaliation.

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Two days ago, the Pakistani soldiers attempted to attack the Indian troops in the same area once more. “This time around, the BSF leadership had given the green light to the troops on the ground to march on the misadventure of Pakistani forces aimed at assisting the infiltrating terrorists,” according to sources.

The BSF personnel opened heavy fire in retaliation as soon as the Pakistani troops stormed the BSF post where a soldier had been hurt two days prior. According to the sources, Pakistani watch towers and posts suffered significant damage as a result. They also said that some Pakistan Rangers soldiers had incurred significant losses. According to sources, “The BSF retaliation was so strong that till late in the night, vehicles could be seen operating across the border to carry those wounded to medical facilities.”

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