Tornado In Canada: Didsbury Alberta Tornado Carstairs

The community of central Alberta of Carstairs has spent their whole Sunday regrouping after a huge tornado accused in a part of the town on Saturday. In an interview with CTV news, the fire chief of Carstairs “Jordan Schaeffer” said, He has been in emergency services for almost 27 years and he has never seen this big tornado incident ever in his whole life. It was very thought to survive, but his crew has done a totally grand job. He said it was impossible to survive without his team. This is the most shocking tornado which has ever happened. The tornado arrived on Saturday afternoon at around 2:00 pm. The tornado damaged a lot of things. A lot of people lost their houses and some lost their lives. The tornado damaged a total of 14 houses in the Carstairs and Didsbury area. this information was shared by the Mounties.

Tornado In Canada

Tornado In Canada

The chief of Carstairs Jordan Schaeffer said, that some of those houses were destroyed completely. He added They have confirmed that five houses are 100 percent damaged or they will be totally write-off. They know that four of them that are nonexistent at the time. He also said that on Sunday after 4:00 pm, Hwy 2A was closed in the tornado zone. RCMP said the increased number of drivers were coming to the area just to look at the causing issues.

They also added that an unknown woman issued a ticket for careless driving that time she was distracted while driving and she stopped in the middle of the road and parked her car and carelessly she started taking pictures. She was not following the rules at all even after police officers warned her and they said her to move on and go back to her home. Just because of that woman huge traffic occurred on the road and it created a big issue. This is a very bad act by the people. The public was not paying attention on the road.

Jordan said, that the number one priority for the public was their family after they were displaced by the biggest damage. They are trying to line up with Victims Services with RCMP. They are looking for their complete safety and they are making sure about their mental and physical health. A lot of people are safe but unfortunately, 20 chickens and 25 cows were killed in this disaster tornado. And one horse has to be euthanized.

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