Why Archive of Our Own Not Loading: Is AO3 not working right now?

Is Archive of Our Own down? This question has been raised on the internet since people have found trouble in loading Archive of Our Own. For the past many years, it has not loaded. People are trying it again and again. There are a lot of troubleshooting which is happening right now. Users are really irritated with his problem. People are curious to know what happened to Archive of Our Own. On the browser people are searching is AO3 down. Why Archive of Our Own is not loading? This is really unexpected and shocking for everyone because first, it looked like it was going to be perfect in some hours but still after many hours the problem has not been resolved yet.

Archive of Our Own Not Loading

Why is Archive of Our Own Not Loading

Unexpectedly, Archive of Our Own has not working for the past many hours now. Not just some but many users are facing problems when they try to access the Archive of Our Own site. This site is currently not loading. Many people tried it again and again. Currently, Archive of Our Own is experiencing a lot of problems with the servers. We can also expect that the site may be in some scheduled maintenance or maybe it is under update. Because of that, it is not available temporarily. Or it can be said that the users are facing some network issues because of that it is now loading but it is now possible that a lot of people are facing network issues.

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Some people don’t know what is Archive of Our Own. So it is a non-profit repository renowned. It hosts fanfiction and fanworks. Currently, Archive of Our Own is facing some problems because of that it is not working. Many users have complained that this site is not loading. Till now the makers have not shared the proper cause of the problem. We all are waiting for the official announcement.

The AO3 officials tweeted that many users are facing problems accessing Archive of Our Own. So the makers are trying to solve the issue. Soon you will be able to access Archive of Our Own. Till then you should check the seven statuses or you should try to refresh the page so it might load properly. Or, you should try a different browser. Or clear the browser Chache. If you are using any proxy or VPN, disable it and then try to open Archive of Our Own.

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