Who Is Barbara Hayford? Businesswoman arrested for allegedly ‘scamming’ up to GH¢45K

In this article, we are going to share some big shocking news. A social media businessmanBarbara Hayford has been arrested. She has been arrested in the case of allegedly scamming customers up to GH¢45K. This news is going viral on the internet. The sensation is shocked right now. Now people are very interested to know about her. People want to know about this whole case. Netizens want to know how she has done this scam. We have done a lot of research about this case and we have gathered a lot of information about this case. We are going to provide you with every single piece of information about this case. So, Read the whole article till the end and please do not skip any part of this article. if you want to know everything about this case.


Who Is Barbara Hayford?

Barbara Hayford, a social media entrepreneur, was detained at the Lakeside Police Station after being apprehended for allegedly defrauding clients. According to rumors, Barbara makes money through marketing reasonably priced goods at “too good to be true” prices. She assures clients that the products will be shipped from abroad and delivered in a couple of months. Customers who are now victims gripe about how long it takes to receive their purchases. A few consumers have also hinted that despite waiting months for their orders, they never actually get them. One of the victims reported that despite making payments totaling more than GH10,000 in November of last year, she had yet to receive her stuff. On June 7, 2022, she was arrested, and some of the impacted persons flocked to the police station to voice their complaints. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know more about this case.

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According to the victims, she doesn’t provide updates on your stuff and responds slowly to inquiries, according to social media user Sika Official, who first announced the story on Twitter on June 8, 2023. Additionally, she is infamous for purchasing products at Kantamanto and passing them off as brand-new items and for never returning money seized. It is believed that she is working with her boyfriend, who is committing fraud in her identity.

She and one of her attorneys, Emmanuel, have been known to threaten to file a defamation lawsuit against anybody who calls her out on her behavior. A lot of people are now trolling her. Netizens are giving their different opinions about her arrest. So this was all about this case. We have shared everything about this case. Soon we will share some more information regarding this case till then stay tuned to PKB news for more informative news like this one.

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