Paul Cauthen south carolina shows cancels following arrest on drug charges

In recent news, it was reported that the police allegedly found multiple drugs during the Paul Cauthen arrest. You are required to read the article for further information and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights. Reportedly, Paul Cauthen was arrested on Thursday morning, May 18th in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, and charged with possession of a Schedule I as well as manufacturing and possession of controlled substances with the intention of distributing Schedule I, II, or III. Though Paul initially claimed to save country music that the charges were for marijuana, Cauthen was also accused of the illegal possession of prescription drugs and Diazepam. Moreover, in the bust, heroin and cocaine were found on Cauthen’s tour bus, though he was not charged for these drugs.

Paul Cauthen South Carolina

Paul Cauthen south carolina shows

As per the police reports from the Isle Palms Police Department in South Carolina, a patrol officer passed by Paul Cauthen’s silver tour bus as it was illegally parked on the street near Ocean Blvd and Paviliob Dr. on Thursday morning. While passing the bus, the officer caught the distinct smell of marijuana and decided to investigate. The two individuals were standing outside of the bus, including Paul Cauthen.

Paul Cauthen South Carolina

On questioning, Cauthen told the officers that he had approx 1 ounce of marijuana in a suitcase kept in the bus. After two more officers arrived, the other people individuals inside the bus were ordered to depart and Cauthen voluntarily handed the police a bag containing marijuana. Police then executed a probable cause search of the common area of the bus. Continue reading for more details.

The search yielded three sealed bags of marijuana in a green camouflage handbag that had a white powdery substance in a small tube and 3 pink oval pills, 2 pink circular pills. Moreover, they find another Ziploc bag of marijuana, as well as a clear plastic bag of a white powdery substance that was located in a silver tin cup holder on a table, as well as a glass pipe. Later, Cauthen confessed to police that the pills were Xanax and Diazepam and that he did not have a prescription for them. Cauthen also claimed all of the marijuana on the bus as his own. However, neither Cauthen nor anyone else on the bus claimed the white powdery substance.

Paul Cauthen South Carolina

Tests concluded that the white powdery substance in the tube was positive for heroin and cocaine-based narcotic. The white powdery substance in the plastic bag was presumptive positive for cocaine. Some orange gummies were also found and tested and came back positive for THC. The gross weight of all the marijuana found on the bus was 111.97 grams or nearly 4 ounces. Cauthen was arrested, and a bond was set at $2,275.00 for the possession charge and $25,000.00 for the manufacturing and distribution charge. Cauthen posted the $27,275.00 bail and was released later that day. His first court date is 7th July.

None of the other individuals on the bus were charged with any crime. Though police did not say whether Cauthen or anyone else could face additional charges for the heroin and cocaine, the police report claims these substances were destroyed, while the marijuana and pills were booked into evidence. He also released a new single called Wild Man.

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