Big Brother Canada Season 11 Elimination This Week: Who Voted Out from Big Brother Canada Today?

Big Brother Canada 11 episodes have begun. You will get complete details about episode 2 in this article. Keep reading for more details. Big Brother Canada is a Canadian version of Big Brother. The show’s concept is simple the participants just have to be in a house, and they must perform some tasks.  The people are voted out on the basis of public voting. The one who gets the maximum votes gets ahead in the show while the one with the least gets eliminated. The winner also receives a cash prize in millions. There have been 10 seasons completed till now. The 11th has just begun.  

Amal Bashir Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada Season 11 Elimination

The second part of Big Brother season 11 was awesome. In the first part, we saw sixteen new houseguests. The first episode ended with a twist and suspense that who will win the first HOH and who will be the third nominee. The chances of becoming Head of Household are divided between two participants, I.e., John Michael and Santina Carlson. It will be interesting to see who will become HOH and who will be nominated. Sanita Carlson can be seen as more inclined toward becoming the first Head of the Household. It is crucial for every participant to get a position so that they can at least save themselves from being nominated.  

The good news for the last comer was that the last comer will not be evicted this week. They will be evicted on Thursday if they fail to win the Veto. Rene and Shanaya are at the most risk of getting in the last place. Ty and Kuzie are seen forming an alliance. Zach is seen differently. He is passionate about winning and forming alliances with everyone in the house. He is also having the will to flirt with women. He is already having a relationship outside. 

As the household is seen as having an all-men alliance. On the other hand, Claudia and Renee look like forming a women’s alliance. John Michael can be seen showing Zach the importance of being HOH. Let us have a look at the details of part 2  even more.

BB Canada 11 Part 2:

In the second part, we saw that the competition was held well. Every participant tried hard to give their best. We saw that Santina became the first Head of Household. The competition between Rene and Shanaya was also tough. Finally, Shanaya performed and won the place leading Renee to block. 

We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details. 

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