Ashton Winger Arrested: Driver Charged in Pits at Southern Raceway

Dirt Racing witnessed some unexpected and shocking incidents this weekend. Reportedly, driver Ashton Winger and his father were arrested after an off-track incident. Since Ashton Winger’s arrest news surfaced on the internet it is making headlines everywhere and leaving netizens in a frenzy to search for what happened at Dirt Racing Southern Raceway which led to the arrest of Ashton Winger and his father. It won’t be wrong to claim that this arrest news is one of the most searched stories in the past 24 hours on the internet. This is why we have come up with this article to take a peek at this incident and dive deep to know what happened there. In the following sections of this article, you will get to learn all the imperative details of this news to know. Be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Swipe down the page.

Ashton Winger Arrested

Ashton Winger Arrested

This weekend there were two highlighted moments at Dirt Racing, one was a winning moment and the second was a dramatic moment. Before talking about the latter one, let’s talk about the winning moment. Cory Hedgecook defeated the legendary driver Dale McDowell with 33 laps to go and lifted the title of Tennessean super late model race on March 11, 2023, Saturday afternoon at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, Tennessee. In fact, it was Cory’s third victory in a row. Scroll down the page and read about the dramatic incident.

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The limelight was stolen by the dramatic incident that happened between Ashton Winger and GR Smith in the first two laps of the Southern All-Stars Series race on Saturday at Southern Raceway in Milton. In fact, GR Smith was also disqualified for his faults including rough driving while Ashton Winger was arrested because of violence. Scroll down the page and read more details about it.

The brawl between the two teams led to the arrest of Ashton Winger and his father. The arrest of Ashton Winger and his father occurred when the brawl was initiated in the first turn of the first lap when Smith was making hard contact with Ashton in the second position. While Ashton returned the favor to Smith on the same lap in turn 4. Reportedly, Ashton’s father assaulted Smith in the pit region which led to his arrest. Meanwhile, Ashton and a GR Smith’s team member were also handcuffed. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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