Ary Digital Drama Baby Baji, Javeria Saud Talks About Her Hit Negative Character Azra

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Ary Digital Drama Baby Baji

Ary Digital Drama Baby Baji

In Pakistan’s television industry, Javeria Saud is a well-known actress and host who has been involved in the profession for a number of years. She has two talented children, Jannat and Ibrahim, and is happily married to fellow actor Saud. Javeria has resumed acting after a break and has acted in well-known dramas like Nand, Paristan, and Baby Baji. Fans have praised her for playing the evil character Azra in Baby Baji and have praised her for having a natural acting style. In a recent interview, Javeria Saud discussed the extraordinary success of her drama series “Baby Baji.”

She talked about the reaction her family had to the show during the conversation. Saud’s family is also complimenting my persona Azra, although they are thankful that they are not nearby, she added in jest. Javeria Saud said how pleased she was and how much she liked the Baby Baji script since she thought the audience would enjoy it. She expressed appreciation for the kind reception and adoration she has been receiving from admirers, including words of support from people in the UK and the USA. These encouraging letters are flooding her email, demonstrating the high regard with which her work is held.

Javeria Saud commented on the enormous popularity, saying, “I got a compliment from a middle-aged man, he stopped me in the mall and said, ‘You are doing an amazing job.'” Javeria Saud remarked, “My kids are enjoying it, they are loving it, but they are also complaining to me, “Mama you are so obnoxious in the drama, you just don’t stop talking,” when asked about her children’s reaction. As Azra represents a personality that can be found in every home, according to Javeria Saud, she was aware that viewers would be captivated by the character. “I was expecting compliments from women, but I have been receiving unprecedented response from children, youth, and men as well,” Javeria Saud remarked.

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