What Is BTS Haters Called? controversy explained

BTS Jungkook is here with a reply for all the haters. It gave a strong reply to the haters on Instagram. You will get complete details about Jungkook in this article. Keep reading for more details.

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What Is BTS Hater?

BTS has a massive following. It also has haters in the same proportion too. They used to criticize BTS Bangtan boys. Jungkook was said to be going through a COVID-19 recovery. As he got completely recovered, he started a chit-chat session on Instagram. While he was interacting with his BTS army, a hater came into his life. The hater mentioned that if you get bored go eat dog shit. Jungkook gave a reply that become savage. He said that he will rather look more like a dog shot if he shrink his face like a choco pie.

BTS Anniversary Date

All the BTS army gets impressed with the reply. While the incident took place, someone recorded it and post on YouTube. One of the fans says that he liked the reply and the spontaneity of Jungkook. Other fans said that haters call them his hater but follow him everywhere. Another Hindi-speaking person says that Jungkook Ki Savage reply Wah!. He further said that all the haters are stupid and that they always keep on insulting themselves. he also wished for him to recover and get well soon.

BTS Anniversary Date

One person gave a moral that be kind with kind and devil. Everyone has their own fan following. He said in a live concert that he want to reply to all the haters So What? This was all about the controversy. Fans were seeing the criticism and hate against their favorite BTS Army. They were tolerating it for a long time. The reply Jungkook gave a punch to the face of haters. The fans were extremely happy and satisfied with the answer. Let us conclude the above.

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BTS Anniversary Date


Jungkook is said to going live on Instagram to chit-chat with his fanbase. He was suffering from COVID-19. He felt a little better after being recovered so he decided to talk to the fans. When he was talking with his fans, a hater said a bad line about him. He said him to eat dogshit. While in reply he roasted him by saying his face will become the same if it will be shrinked like a choco pie. Fans are impressed with the reply. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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