Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney, 29, new video sparks outrage over eating disorder battle

After watching the new video of Youtuber Eugenia Cooney, netizens are begging her to get help as they are concerned over her tiny frame and rail-thin appearance. Eugenia Cooney’s physique sparked a wave of concern over her appearance in a new video amid her public eating disorder battle. Many people are still unaware of Eugenia Cooney’s health issues. Therefore, we brought this column to you. In the following sections, we have talked about Eugenia Cooney’s major health concern and why she has a rail-thin appearance. Her very public eating health disorder battle has been discussed in detail in the below-placed sections. Stick with this page and go through it till the end. Scroll down the page.

Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney

What happened To Anorexic YouTuber?

Youtuber Eugenia Cooney prompted an outcry of concern on the internet after showcasing her tiny frame in the newly published video. The Youtuber still continues her very public eating disorder battle. It has been a long time since Eugenia Cooney has been battling the eating disorder. She has been the center of attention due to her tiny frame since she joined Youtube in 2013. In 2013, Eugenia Cooney started sharing videos of her rail-thin physique on Youtube. However, she has garnered a loyal fan following on social media by giving helpful beauty tips.

Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney

The Youtuber Eugenia Cooney is suffering from Anorexic. Once again her new video raised the concern over her thin structure. In the new video, Eugenia Cooney is donning a Barbie-like outfit but she re-sparked the worry about her tiny and thin structure prompting social media users to beg her to get help as she is looking thinner than usual which means she is still battling with Anorexia. Eugenia Cooney is currently 29 years of age. People are worried for her as her appearance confirms her battle with her prolonged eating disorder. Swipe down the page and read more about her.

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Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney

Eugenia Cooney’s new video has gained over 16.5 million across social media, posted to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube. She is sporting a pink outfit influenced by Barbie. But her very thin body structure grabbed the attention and concerns as well. A person commented, ‘How is this extremely sick girl allowed to influence millions of kids? Her accounts should be shut down and she should be hospitalized.’ Another wrote, ‘So sad. She’s going to die if she doesn’t get help soon. This is horrible. Who are the people filming, following, and cheering this on?’ Stay tuned.

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