Amanda Staveley Health Update 2023: British business executive Diagnosed With Huntington Disease

Fans are always worried about their favourite stars and keep on checking their personal lives including their health status. We often hear the news of the star getting ill and their fans instantly get stressed and start looking to know which disease they are suffering from and what is their health status. This time as well, fans of Amanda Staveley want to know about it and they are checking multiple websites. She is a strong independent woman and she is a British businesswoman and financier engaged in many high-profile deals and investments.

Amanda Staveley

Amanda Staveley Health Update 2023

She knows how to crack a deal and how to make a lot of money. She has been engaged in many high-profile business deals, including the sale of Barclays Bank’s shares to Qatari investors and the Manchester City Football Club bought by Sheikh Mansour, a citizen of Abu Dhabi. Apart from it, Staveley has also invested her money in many sectors, including technology, real estate and finance. She is also famous for her philanthropic measures. She has been engaged in many charitable initiatives over the years.

Amanda Staveley

At present, she is in the news not because of her new deal or investment but due to her health. There are many unauthorized websites stating that she is suffering from some serious illness and her followers and investors get worried after hearing it now they are keen to know if this is true or just a rumour. However, according to the recent update, she has not been dealing with any serious diseases which means all the rumours related to her health are completely fake and bogus.

Amanda Staveley

She is absolutely fine and currently forcing to crack more deals. Apart from it, the latest news related to her states that football financier Amanda Staveley get almost £1 million in consulting fees from the side of Newcastle United for “strategic advisory services” in 2021. She played a crucial role in brokering the £300 million sale of the club to a Saudi-led consortium in order to join the board of Newcastle after the controversial takeover was finished. Before becoming part of the business world, she is an ex-model and former girlfriend of Prince Andrew and has been engaged in many high-profile business deals, including trading the shares of Barclays Bank to Qatari investors.

Amanda Staveley

She was diagnosed with the disease of Huntington in the year 2013 but at present, she is fine and doing very well. Huntington’s is basically a progressive disorder affecting individuals in their later years. The symptoms of diseases include a gradual decrease in brain function, memory loss, involuntary body movements and mood swings. Her doctors tell her that the disease was inactive but it could be triggered by work pressure and stress.

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