McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal Price Revealed

Are you one of those who always crave to eat tempting food? Not regular daily meals but you always look to eat something new and delicious. If yes, then this blog will help you to take a place where you get a newly launched meal that will surely satisfy your taste buds and take you on the ride of the world of yummy food. There are many outlets which offer delicious foods and beverages but we also look to eat something new. If you are one of those and get bored of eating the same meals you will be happy to hear that McDonalds bring 2 new Happy Meals to their customers.


McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal Price

  • $15

The customers will soon get their hands on 2 brand new Happy Meals which coming to McDonald’s and will be available to eat in every outlet of McDonalds. Starting this week, admirers and food lovers of the fast-food chain will have the chance to enjoy some nostalgia, in the form of a special and delicious Happy Meal dedicated to the particular purple McDonaldland icon. On Monday, 12th June 2023, McDonald’s introduced a new “Grimace Birthday Meal and Shake.” At this meal, the consumer will get a choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, the first-ever purple shake, and a medium-sized French fry.

“This meal is inspired by the iconic color and sweetness of the purple friend”, states the Chicago-based restaurant. Tariq Hassan, the Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s USA states in the release statement that “Our admirers have amazing and wonderful childhood memories of their birthdays at McDonald’s…and the Birthday of Grimace is all about paying homage to the wonderful, fun moments we all share.” As per officials, the “Grimace Birthday Meal And Shake” will be available to eat at participating outlets for a limited time. But Grimace is not the only pillow-shaped item hitting Happy Meals this year.

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Starting in late 2023, the famous food chain will begin inserting famous plus Squishmallows into Happy Meals all over the country. As per toymaker Jazwares, Happy Meals later this year will highlight one of 24 exclusive Squishmallows, with each participating Mcdonald’s location offering between 10 and 12 designs. In further addition to this, 14 of the Squishmallows will also include the themed digital playlist. The consumer can get access it through a QR code meant to “record the energy and excitement of each personality of Squishmallow.” According to Senior Director of Global Campaigns and Alliances at McDonald, Jennifer DelVecchio states in the release states that “The campaign of this Happy Meal brings the worlds of McDonald’s music and Squishmallows together in order to check the experience of the fand and engage our iconic Happy Meal brand in culture.”

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